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News: SUPER VIII paper in press (Tozzi et al. 2024)


Welcome to the SUPER webpage!

SUPER (SINFONI Survey for Unveiling the Physics and the Effect of Radiative feedback) is a SINFONI Large Program at VLT. It consists of 280 hours of SINFONI observations in LGS Seeing Enhancer mode to reach a spatial resolution of 1 kpc at z~2.

The program is designed to perform high-resolution, spatially-resolved spectroscopy of multiple emission lines (Hb, [OIII], Ha) of a carefully selected sample of ~40 AGNs.  The science goals of the survey are:

  • A systematic study of the occurrence of outflows in AGN host galaxies and their link with the physical properties of the host and the SMBH
  • Map AGN ionised outflows morphology using [OIII] on kpc scale and constrain their impact on star-formation
  • Investigate the variation of outflow properties as a function of the host galaxy location in the SFR-Mstar plane
Summary of IFS observations from the literature characterizing ionized outflows through the [O III]5007 emission line in AGN host galaxies. From Circosta et al. (2018).

In addition, we are conducting a systematic follow-up with ALMA (Cycle-4, Cycle-5, Cycle-6) to characterise the molecular gas and dust properties of the host galaxies.