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September 29, 2020. The first data release is available from the ESO Science Archive at this URL:


This release includes the flux calibrated H (or H+K) band co-added cubes of 20 SUPER targets. For 17 objects, we used a plate scale of 3”x3” with a spatial sampling of 0.05”x0.1”, which gets re-sampled to 0.05”x0.05” in the final cube. The average spectral resolution in the H-band is ~300 which translates to a channel width of ~2 Å. For 3 objects  the observations were conducted in seeing limited mode during visitor mode runs with weather conditions not suitable for AO observations. The plate scale in these cases was 8”x8” with a spatial sampling of 0.25”x0.25”in the final reduced cubes.

The figure above shows the past and on-going IFU surveys targeting the [OIII]l5007 emission line to study the properties of outflows in AGN host galaxies in the Lbol vs. redshift plane. The red shaded area shows the parameter space covered from the overall SUPER survey, and the cyan asterisks indicates the objects of this data release.