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The SUPER project

SUPER (SINFONI Survey for Unveiling the Physics and the Effect of Radiative feedback) is a SINFONI Large Program at VLT. It consists of 280 hours of SINFONI observations in LGS Seeing Enhancer mode to reach a spatial resolution of 1 kpc at z~2. Observations started on November 2015 and were completed by December 2019.

SUPER carried out the first statistically-sound investigation of ionized outflows in AGN host galaxies at the peak epoch of AGN and galaxy assembly, z~2.

The project was designed to map the ionized gas kinematics ([OIII], Hb, Ha) with ~1 kpc spatial resolution, by exploiting the SINFONI AO capabilities, in a sample probing four orders of magnitude in AGN bolometric luminosity.

The main aims of the project are to deliver tight scaling relations between the frequency, mass, mass flow rate and momentum rate of ionized outflows, and AGN bolometric luminosity and Eddington ratio, which can be directly plugged into models of galaxy evolution. SUPER will constrain the morphology of different kinematical components, fast outflowing gas versus quiescent star-forming gas, directly probing the effect of outflows on the star-formation processes and galaxy shaping.

[O III] λ5007 channel maps of one SUPER target at different velocity slices, after subtracting the Hβ, [O III] λ4959, and iron models from the raw cube. Each velocity slice is 200 km s−1 wide, and the displayed value is the centre velocity of the respective channel. The black cross marks the location of the H-band continuum peak, used as a proxy for the AGN position. North is up and east is left. Figure from Kakkad et al. 2020 (Paper II)